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mobile welding and low H rods

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    I was having a big problem w/ rust esp in the spring & summer when it was very hot/ humid. I couldnt take the wire back into the shop (below ground) b/c the large change in temp would cause condensation. I also couldnt leave it outside b/c at night condensation would be a problem. Even bringing into an ACed house wasnt good enough bc of condensation. I finally gave up and just lived w/ a small amt of rust. If I had critical welds Id use stick. Does anyone else run into this?


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      Originally posted by tackit:307652
      I keep mine in these rod holder and have not had any problems. If moisture was was super critical I would think you would have to get the moisture out of the steel you're welding on too.

      I use a similar type container with some small desiccant packs stuffed in.
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