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Used Dynastys; How old is TOO OLD?

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    I bought a Syn 180 SD and I'm sure it will last for years. I was looking to upgrade to an inverter, and was considering a 200DX for home use, but ended up getting an Everlast EX250 for $2000 Cdn with a cooler, although I replaced the crappy pedal with a used Miller pedal from ebay after a pot swap with and went with a Weldcraft WP 20, 25' torch. I do mostly aluminum and the Everlast outperforms the 180SD as typical of most inverts and the cooler allows me to go longer, but I'm still holding onto the 180SD (it's long paid for itself) for now and transformers are reliable as ****.

    I'm an electrical Eng, so if the Everlast every fails past warranty, I will attempt repair myself. The IGBT's in it are cheap. I expect the HF points will be the first thing to go on this unit. I'm working for a place that has some decent bonus plan ,so I may be tempted to trade up to the Dynasty 280 DX in the near future...