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diesel vs gas

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    My rig is an 04 F350 DRW 4x4 Crew Lariat V10. I bought it on ebay 2 years ago from the original owner in California. It had 29,000 miles, and was absolutely showroom condition when I flew down there to pick it up. Price? $12,900! It now has 73,000 Miles, and it has cost me ZERO in repairs. I do my own oil changes, and all fuel at work is supplied, so I am laughing. All the other fellows at work are constantly spending money to keep their diesels running right. A guy I worked with last summer blew up his 08 6.4 Ford and paid $24,000 for a Ford dealer to replace everything. I also run a 305G, so fueling up is quick and simple. I wouldn't have it any other way, personally.


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      My buddy just bought a V 10 Ford 4x4 and its a sweet ride...Bob
      Bob Wright