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  • on sight tig question

    new user to this sight and i have a question like allens i have a bobcat welder and it says in the specs.that it is capable of non critical ac questions are ,does that mean you can still do aluminum tig ?just not x-ray.second question,since i have a 30a spool gun for my 250 mig would it be better to get the control box for that to run off bobcat or go with the tig box?i am talking for alum.boat lifts maybe trailers etc. where you need good quality but not x-ray or food grade/sanitary welds. thanks in advance and sorry for the long post!!


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    Yes you can still run AC tig with the Bobcat. You will need the high frequency arc starter/stabilizer part HF-251D-1 # 042 388. You will also need the secondary contactor # 041 969. Now you'll have to choose a torch set up, regulator, and argon to complete the set up. Also the Bobcat has no feed back circuit to allow remote amperage control. You will have to set this from the machine.

    You can also use the 30A spoolgun. You will need weld controller WC115A with contactor # 137 546-01-1 includes required contactor for spoolgun operation with Bobcat.

    Here is what happend to me and my Bobcat: I added up the cost of the required accessories for the 30A spool gun and decided I could trade my Bobcat for the Trailblazer 301G for the same or a little less money. The 301G requires the WC24 weld controller (only 200.00) to connect and I gained lots of features for that money: 300 amp machine, 3/16" rod cac-a, 10-33 volts on mig, remote amperage control on tig with the HF-251D-1, remote voltage control with 12RC suitcase feeder for mig/fluxcore. True CV for mig rather than VS feeder-runs a much better short arc. Also you gain a much better arc for AC tig similar to squarewave technology. And a definite plus is the 4 pole 3 phase arc output across the board!!!

    Yes both can be done at a cost. Look at both sides: adding to the Bobcat or trading up to a Trailblazer. Both are great machines! It just depends on how you want to set them up. For me the Trailblazer was cheaper in the long run. I do not use the high freq box for AC tig, but do use DC scratch start in the field. I try to tig AC/DC in the shop with my Dynasty, but will power it from my Trailblazer if I have to.

    Good Luck!- Welcome to the forum.


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      As for spoolgun versus tig-go for the spool gun for you applications. I've run 1/8" and up with no problems using my 30A on the Trailblazer. You will have comparable success with the Bobcat. Get the proper weld controller as mentioned above and go for it.


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        remote tig

        thanks for the info. i did look at the trail-blazer when i bought the bobcat but went with the bobcat and also got a hypertherm 5/8 cap. plasma cutter.i do have a dynasty300dx for in house work and i have not had to do any remote welding but i wanted to have the ability to if it came up.i did have a little remorse about not getting the trailblazer because i have heard nothing but good things about it.but you cant have everything!like i said i do have the spoolgun and i also have a weldcraft air cooled tig torch from my econo-tig (not a very good machine in my opinion)but i think your right about using the spool gun anyways thanks again



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          I like to run my 30A every chance I get. Tig is great for shop work, but it's a tough "on site" process at best. You may check around a find a used WC115A with contactor for a good deal-Maybe EBAY or Google Search. If I hear of anything, I'll pass it on. As for the Econo Tig-a beginner hobbyist machine-good for what it is designed to do- The Syncro 180 does run it in circles!