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shim for hinges?

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  • shim for hinges?

    hey guys. i have a side job thats on a boat. one part of it is to attach hinges to the stern of the boat for a door. sorry no pics, but bear with me.......its a 60' aluminum boat. on the stern they cut out a section of the transom i guess with the handrail. the transom is on a angle, but the hinge will be on a 90 degree angle. do i need to shim the himge plate on the door so it opens evenly? also im afraid on the hinge side the wood railing might hit each other. are there stainless steel heavy duty hinges that go out and open? thanks

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    Some stainless bar and plate and you can make any hinge...Bob
    Bob Wright

    Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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      So long as the hinge pins are exactly in line with each other, and the hinge pin line is truely vertical the door will open true. If the pin line iis angle in or out the door will want to slam, or swing open. I would look in the Defender marine catalog, or some such to try and find some hinges. Likely yo will find something and end up welding them to some more convenient stock.


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        Weld up plates that attach to the boat with tube stubs that accept either the 1" or 7/8" hinge, roll the hinge to the angle you need then drill the stub, through bolt it .

        Good idea walker.