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mig welding aluminium without spool gun

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  • mig welding aluminium without spool gun

    Okay so I'm fairly new to mig welding aluminium.. Actually welding aluminium period.. And I am having a couple issues.. I got a HH140. And I don't have a spool gun.. The wire is feeding fine through the lead.. My main problem is. While the bead itself looks okay from the top. Its got bad undercut on the sides.. I've tried lowering voltage. Raising voltage. Adjusting wire speed. Giving more stickout. And I can't get it to do right.. Anyone know what might be the problem?

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    What size wire? .030 works the best in the smaller machines. You are using Argon right? Post some pics...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Yes. .030 wire.. And I am guessing its 100% argon. That's what I told the guy at the place I get my gas from... I'll try to post pics tomorrow.. Its already dark here.. And my camera sucks


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        Have you played with varying travel speed?


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          Undercut is also caused by torch angle, try tilting the torch to push filler into the joint at the correct angle.

          Grip it and Rip it


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            does the wire allow make much of a difference? I am new to MIg and in my reading it seems the 5000 series wire is stringer than the 4000 series... is it possible the stiffness is an issue as it puts pressure on the weld pool? just a thought, might be way off.. I slowed my wire way down and cranked the power down, so I could paint my puddle, almost like I would tig... I could actually see the cherry in the aluminum and I moved on .... I know if set up right, you just buzz right through...

            I mention that because it would seem the 4000 series wire wouldn't push through your mig gun as easily as the stiffer allow

            good luck



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              Going to need a spoolgun, you just don't have the wire speed speed. Welcome to try, oh 5000 series wire is a nightmare at the best of times. and you definately do not have the power to weld with it.


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