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newbie. with series 60 & power source question!!

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  • newbie. with series 60 & power source question!!

    Hey all. New guy here!!
    I have an older Hobart fabricator 300a power source that I run my xr 30 push pull mig with. Both units use the 6 pin connector.

    I found a sweet deal on a series 60 wire feeder. But before I buy it would like to know if I can run the 60 off of my pwr source? The 60 has a 14 pin connector but it only has a jog switch and wire speed dial, all other options are blanked out. Much like my xr30!

    Can the 14 pin unit be modded to run on the 6 pin pwr source ?? Thanks. Dan!!
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    Here's the unit I wanna buy
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      Moar pics
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        If you are running a 24VAC miller XR feeder right now on a 6 pin plug. Then a basic 60 series feeder will also work if wired the same way. If the XR feeder runs on 115 volts then you will need a pc 100 adapter. The pc-100 kit has a transformer and a relay so you can adapt 115volt welders to 24 volt feeders.
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          Welcome to the forum.
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            Thanks guys . I went to look at the feeder And it was a mess so I passed on it!!