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Miller Bluestar 2E Not Reving up

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  • Miller Bluestar 2E Not Reving up

    Just got a Miller Bluestar 2E AC/DC that was not welding or generating AC output traced it down to the Rheostat Replaced it and it is welding and generating power but now the engine does not rev up when trying to strike an arc for it to start a weld. The solenoid is working because I tried it by applying 12v directly and it does actuate and also to weld for now I flip the idle on and off to make it rev up to weld. Does PC1 control the reving up as well asthe idle down? Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks

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    A unit SN is needed to assure referring to the correct control schematic but you should have a low AC voltage (1-2 volts) at PC1 terminals F and H when welding.

    If not, current transformer CT1 may be defective. If yes, then idler control board PC1 is likely defective.

    Check all connections at PC1.
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      S/N: JE97321 I will check for AC voltage while welding in PC1 at the pins you have indicated and will post results when I get them.

      Thank you for your help Duane