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Auto-Darken masks for TIG

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  • Auto-Darken masks for TIG

    Chances are at this point im buying a Syncro 180 sd! the first time and only time i tried TIG i couldnt see what i was doing. i could only see the arc, not my filler or the joint i was trying to get! i would assume the mask was bad or didnt have the right setting.

    so pretty much considering the fact im buying the Syncro 180 to learn the process of TIG and needing to have a very very very good view of the arc and filler brings me to my question.

    What auto darken mask would really help me out when it comes to getting a very clear, bright(?), view of everything involved? i think have a slight problem with my eyes(looking at too may arcs without glasses) adjusting to the dark suddenly, and the stabily of my hands are alread bad enough! so ya which mask is best for a really good clear, bright view of everything?


    p.s. sorry hawk for the work you put into helpng out with my MIG choice, ill be getting a MIG soon anyways, so your help didnt go to nothing!

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    No need to be sorry. Welding is a learning process. Maybe you want the tig first. Cool. In my book tig is it! I use all because the jobs require it. Your vision problem may be caused by too dark a lens. Small amperage tigging calls for a lighter lens. You will probably want to get a variable shade helmet that adjusts from shade 9 to shade 13. There are several good manufactures out there. I use a German made Kemper-I think it's a 650 model, but not sure. Jackson, Speedglass and others are available. Let me look around for my amperage/shade chart and I'll post it for you tomorrow. Look back through this forum. There is a post concerning auto dark helmets for tig.

    See ya.


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      okay ive looked at the speedglas mask and well what can i say, i dont know i want to look like an Alien welding! how are the hobart/miller masks? and with the setting right for the amps should i be able to see everything clearly?

      i dont go to my welding shop but all the workers there are like ol' grumpers! they only like you if you know what you want so they dont have to do any work! hahaha



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        I have the Miller Stars & Stripes helmet. (XLix model) Came with my Mig machine. I've been using it for almost 2 months now with no problems. I've done a little Tig with it and it's been fine. However from what I've read from the more seasoned weldors it's not the best choice out there for Tig. Most seem to prefer the Optrel or Jackson.

        I too am looking at the 180 SD right now. And I'm hoping I can continue using the Miller helmet. It's light, comfortable and has all the adjustments that I need. However if I was forced into buying a new helmet I'd keep the Miller for Mig and get a Speedglas for Tig.



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          I've been using the Optrel satellite for about a week now. It's the only one that I know of that has dual range shading,5-9 and9-13, that was the deal maker for me. I had been using a Jackson Executive 3N1 and I liked it,but I often weld in low light conditions and the satellite kicks butt for that.

          Hope this helps


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            JWD..........I would suggest you just set down with several versions and then you decide which you like........Many, many helmet manufacturers out there........Each claims many things....... Also Miller Electric now sells cheater lenses to fit inside your helmet.... I to have bad eyes.....Getting older and wear TRIFOGGLES....Don't look at the ground when you walk..........

            Any way the cheater lenses come in magnifications of .75,1.0,1.25,1.50,1.75,2.0,2.25, and 2.50..........part number for .75 is 212235 and for 2.50 is 212242........Number are in sequential order..........

            Have a good weekend....................Rock..........

            [email protected]


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              Better late than never. I've been busy bidding a contract and got behind on the lens chart I promised to post for tig. Here it is:

              NUMBER 6 1-30 AMPS

              NUMBER 8 30-75 AMPS

              NUMBER 10 75-200 AMPS

              NUMBER 12 200-400 AMPS

              NUMBER 14 400+++ AMPS

              I know if your hood lens is too dark for the smaller welding currents, then you will see the arc but the puddle and filler rod may not be very visible. If your welding shop does not want to be helpful, find another one if possible. Maybe shop the internet.

              Happy hunting and have a great a Labor Day Weekend!


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                In my opinion, you will never be sorry with a Speedglass 9000. Has positions for both Tig and Mig/Stick. Mine has the optional side windows that are shaded. Its been to there and back with me and has never caused a problem.



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                  After reading rpm's post on the Optrel satellite helmet I decided to check it out. Take a look at this web link.

                  I may have to invest in one myself just for tig. The 5-9 shade adjustments look killer for low amperage tig. Also the grind feature is nice, though I am prone to grinding with a fixed lens flip style helmet from Jackson. I do keep a gold #10 lens installed just in case my Kemper kicks the bucket. Also the Optrel Satellite reverts to a fixed #14 shade if the electronic lens fails-a definite eye saver!

                  You won't look like an alien welder in this first class high tech hood!!!


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                    auto darking helmets

                    i have a 9000 also with corective lens like in scuba masks because of a bad eye and blindness in the other and it is really if i could get that 1.25 mag. rock was talking about i'd be set. as for looking like an alien anything would be an improvment Ha! pistol8


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                      Optrel also has cheater lenses,which I'll have to check out.I've noticed the dreaded presbyopia creeping up the past 3-4 months.