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digital elite helmet freezing?

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  • digital elite helmet freezing?

    I have a digital elite helmet, perhaps 6 months old. It is randomly "freezing" in the darkened mode. Once this happens, none of the buttons will do anything. The only way I can figure out how to reset it is to remove the lens and pull out one of the batteries. Its a pain. This happens to me at least 2-3 times during a full day of work. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a fix easier than pulling out the battery?

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    If its that new I would return it.


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      Have it replaced under warranty.


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        Originally posted by hyd View Post
        Is there a fix easier than pulling out the battery?
        Using a non-autodark shield?


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          That sure was helpful. Why doesn't he just not weld, that would solve the problem too.


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            digital elite helmet freezing?

            Had that happen to a friend in class. Ended up having to garbage the whole thing and then he went out and bought a speedglas like he should have done to start with :P


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              After first five or six hours, my 9400 would freeze in a partially-dark condition on Weld and WeldX mode. LWS sent the lens unit in and of course Miller replaced it. The replacement was a blue-tinged silver metal to distinguish it from the previous, all-silver unit.

              Over a year later and not another problem. I tig the heck out of it too.
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                Originally posted by Helios View Post
                Using a non-autodark shield?
                Perhaps he was thinking along the lines of restarting its brains and/or reseating the battery. Stranger things have caused misbehaving electronics to work properly.

                re Speeglas vs Miller
                I had the opposite experience. Initially bought Speedglas which died after 3 yrs. The Miller I got about the same time is still ticking right along. Ive decided the most reliable option is passive. Electronics are a crap shoot in the best of circumstances.