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  • Welding and Custom Fab salesmen

    How much should a salesman for a welding and fabrication company get from bringing in work? Thanks!

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    Lots... I heard women love salesmen.


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      What is the scope of the job? estimating,print take offs etc.


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        As much as he/she can and as little as the company has to pay. I'd say it depends on the setup,what industry, where on the planet and how much responsibility for the quote the salesperson has. Is he/she on salary plus a commission or commision only? How well connected to the industy the company services is the salesperson? Does the salesperson make quotes on behalf of the company and what is their track record?Even salespeople have to eat but how well they eat should be reflected in their ability. I'm not a salesperson and I mostly felt they were overpaid however one has to recognize "no sales, no income for anybody". Is this a repeat order and have you negotiated commissions on the repeats? The company needs to budget for sales expense in their quotes and at some level in this economy that can cost sales but if it is not accounted for up front it can mean no profit in the job. As on adviser around here used to say "might not be too interesting."Good luck with it.-Meltedmetal


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          You have given us very little to go on.

          Do you have contacts with the big 3 automakers where you might be getting
          50 million dollar contracts, If so you might be worth $ 300 to 500 hundred thousand dollars a year.

          If your a salesmen for a company that fabricates garbage dumpsters and you sell $ 300,000 a year you might only be worth $ 40,000 a year.

          Its really comes down to this, Can they get a guy to do your job for $ 35,000 a year or do you have the contacts, relation ships and knowlege about the business that a $ 35,000 guy does'nt.

          There are car salesmen that make $ 30,000 a year and some that are in the
          $ 150,000.00 range. How much are your skills worth to the company.