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Miller HF-P can use a foot pedal or not

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  • Miller HF-P can use a foot pedal or not

    Long story short, we have a Miller HF-P at work we've been wanting to put a foot pedal on. Called local welding supply to find out what we need and were told we couldn't use one on that model. Searched all over online to verify and cannot find anything that reinforces this statement. Looked through the owners manual and at the back it gives options and accessories for unit. RFC-23A is recommended foot pedal. Anyone have any definitive answers? Also, will any other foot pedals work for this unit? Thanks for your time in advance.

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    I don't know why you can't put a foot pedal on it. I just purchased a 1980 HF-P that came with the setup and pedal.

    A few years ago I inquired about adding something (I think it was a HF unit) to my old Miller Dailarc 250 AC/DC and was told that the cost of everything involved to convert it over, to what I wanted, would cost more than the value of the machine. I guess, in other words, the rep was saying that if the machine didn't come from the factory with certain extras, then it would REALLY cost to add them later.

    I bought a Miller HF-P in January, at an auction, and it came with 3 Victor flow meters, 2 water cooled TIG torches, with all hoses and conecctions and a Miller foot pedal. My son, who is an electrican checked it over and said that it looks like it was bought new and never really used. It didn't even have the paint scratched and only had one dent on it, about the size of a pencil eraser. The price I paid for everything was $753.39. Been using it and it sure is a nice smooth welding machine. I guess for the price I paid and what I got, it was a great deal.

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      Well, sounds to me like a foot pedal will work on this unit. I don't know why the dealer would have said that. Unless he was too lazy to make a sale. Or he was hoping to make a bigger sale on a new unit.


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        Foot Pedal

        Why not call Miller and talk to the Tech Department.


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          That's a good idea. So simple I didn't think of it. Thank you


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            Originally posted by Blackmarket View Post
            I don't know why the dealer would have said that.
            Not surprised. Very few LWS counter persons - and sometimes even store managers - know anything more than they can read on the labels of the products they sell on the shelves. Just not technically competent enough to know and not willing to admit it. Easier to say "can't be done".
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              Duane is exactly right. We still have many of the Dialarc HF models running in our area. Miller has the new RFC23A foot control and there are many available on the used market and parts are available. weldersales


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                Thanks guys.