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Millermatic 350/350P and Weld Procedure Specification

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  • Millermatic 350/350P and Weld Procedure Specification

    Using a Millermatic 350/P... I've got to follow the parameters of an approved weld procedure specification pretty close, namely Amps, Volts and Wire Feed Speed.

    I can see how to adjust Volts and Wire Feed Speed, however how can I adjust the amperage, and how do I see the machine is actually operating within the amperage range I need to stay within according to the WPS?

    Other welding machines I've used in the past had dials and gauges for both Amps and Volts.


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    6-4. Weld Status
    When trigger is released on a MIG gun, spool gun, or push-pull gun, the last actual amperage and voltage will be shown on the displays for 5 seconds. The VOLTS and AMPS indicator lights will illuminate under the displays and each value will appear in the corresponding display.
    If a programmed value requires adjustment after the arc is extinguished and during the 5 seconds display of actual values, turning either knob will cause actual values in the displays to be replaced by programmed values for adjustment purposes.
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