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Gas flow question.

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  • Gas flow question.

    If I set my gas flow at for example at 20, I have noticed that when the trigger is on, for example MIG welding, the needle drops down to 12. As soon as the trigger is released the needle raises back to 20.
    I understand that the back pressure is off once the trigger is pulled and would account for a small drop but 8 points on the scale is more than a third.
    I have turned up the the regulator so that it registers 20 while the trigger is on and not noticed any change in the weld.
    So have any of you investigated this situation.
    Cheers for any comment.

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    Best thing to do is get one of these. It will give you the truth of the matter at the business end of the machine and take away the guess work. Otherwise, start high and turn it down until you start geting porosity, then turn it up a bit.


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      X2 what Walker said.

      Verify what is really coming out at the nozzle. 8 points is more than I have ever heard.
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        Mine only drops 3 or so. 8 seems like something is wrong.