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  • Mig Welder selection

    I recently joned a 4wd club and pick up a very used 4x4 pick up. my question is what type of mig should i buy to work on the truck

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    I just purchased a MM 210 mig welder with the aluminum spool gun package a couple of months. This thing works really great!

    The mig gun w/.035 wire is excellent on steel up to 3/8" in a single pass. I welded up a bunch of plate (1/4" and 3/8") just last week with excellent results. I have not tested it on sheet metal like auto body panels yet, but it should work just fine....


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      Like Moe says it's a great machine. Choose it over the 175! You won't be dissappointed. The MM210 is priced right-even with a spool gun package if you want to run small spools of SS or aluminum. Post some pictures of your truck. Maybe do a before and after if you want. I love 4x4's! You may want to order an .023 drive roll with the machine to have for the really light stuff-although the .030 will probably work fine. I use .035 for 16 guage through 1/2". No problems with proper prep. Have lots of fun. You know-Miller + Welding = FUN!!!


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        I agree with the above. The MM210 is an awesome machine for projects within it's boundaries. I've had mine now for almost 2 months and love it. There were a couple times that I wish I had got the 251 but it's nothing against the 210. Just the rare occasion when I need the extra power.



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          NEWBE....... I work here and I agree.......The MM210 is a heck of a machine.......My brothers and I sold ours and got a new one....... First project was a steel Liner in a dump trailer.......Worked just fine...............Be safe....................Rock./......
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            I've never heard a weldor say he should have gotten a smaller machine. Get the 210 or, if you can afford it, get the 251.


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              I have the MM210 and love it. I did however have a problem with it trying to weld car panels(it was set up with .035 wire and a c25 gas mix) I often blew through the panels; a real good welder most likly would not have that problem, obviously I'm not a Dan or Rocky or RockyD or any of the other exceptional weldors that frequent these two forums. I am however having lots of fun and when I get stuck or have a problem a lot of knowledgeable people on both forums are ready willing and able to help. When I had the problem Someone on the Hobart site suggested I use .025 wire. Not wanting to invest in another large spool of wire, an since I didn't plan on using the spool gun for aluminum ( I have a SD180 to tig Aluminum) I purchased the small 1 # spool of .023 wire and changed the spool gun for that wire. WOW what a differents. It's still setup that way, when I weld thin panels I just pickup the spool gun an shoot. If I have something heavy, I grab the mig gun with it's .035 wire; no change over and no hassel. The gun on demand feature makes it all possible. Dynamite combination. If you do need to do aluminam no big deal, load the small spool of al on the spool gun and go.I forgot to mention you do need to change your front panel settings.
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                I agree with cope, I purchased the 251 with the Spoolamatic. I believe this unit will be a better choice due to it's workload capacity and it's duty cycle. Price is the ultimate factor the 210 will fill all your needs sufficiently


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                  An awful lot of 4x4's have been built using 175A machines as well. I'd avoid a 120V machine, but I wouldn't be afraid to build bumpers, cages etc with a HH175 or MM175.

                  The MM210 is a nicer machine without a doubt, but a 175 has plenty of capability for welding the .120 and .188 material that's common in 4x4 fab.