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TIG Welding of Anodized 6063 Al Tube

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  • TIG Welding of Anodized 6063 Al Tube

    Any recommendations on new equipment that would work really well on anodized Al tubing for marine fabrication? I have been using a Dialarc HF for the last 25 years and had an opportunity to use a new Synchrowave 250 the other day and was really impressed with the cleaning action and lower amperage required. The specs on the Dynasty inverter machines look impressive but I have not found anyone around my area with any experience with them. I also do a lot of other motorsports fabrication (SS and 4130), but getting a top quality cosmetic look on anodized tube has always been a struggle with my Dialarc. Any recommendations?

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    Anodized aluminum is a "bear" to weld as you found out. Here's why; the anodizing process creates a non-conductive, super hard and thick barrier to corrosion. The reason that you have a hard time getting a good appearing bead is the surface already a form of aluminum oxide. Try welding an aluminum oxide grinding wheel. The easy fix to the bead uglyness is to carefully grind away just enough anodizing for the bead width. Also, attach your ground to the inside of the end of the tube where the aluminum is still bare. Then ground on a weld bead once you cannot get into the tube. The type of machine only becomes a personnal choice after these tips.
    Happy welding, hope this helps, Kevin
    Welding is hot and it's the coolest job you'll ever have.


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      tig welding

      I worked in pontoon boat shop . Lots of tig welding. we would grind off just enough of the anodized part and get a clean weld..