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Clear Coat - Mild Steel

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  • Clear Coat - Mild Steel

    Have a little art project for class made of mild steel and mig'd. I'd like to coat it in something if possible that will prevent it from rusting and keep the shine after I polish it.

    Is there something I can get from a place like Lowes and spray on it that will do this?
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    A hot dip galvinizing layer will prevent most atmospheric corrosion. You may need to look around but it shoud be in the hardware store. This will create a neat design in the piece though. Good luck.


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      clear coat

      I would use the old yellow label ppg clear it works great for what you are describing. It's a acrilic type of clear coat you don't see it much anymore
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        Few here

        Another one called Permalac


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          spray can of laquer


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            Go to the local home improvement store and get a spray can of polyurethane or lacquer.

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              Krylon Clear gloss or Clear satin works great. Just make sure all water and oil is off steel (wipe down with acetone). Spray lite coats 20 - 30 minutes apart. Make sure you get all the cracks and clevis's are covered.

              Good luck.


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                  You folks are awesome. Thanks.
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                    Just so you are aware, spray can clear coats are great, and dry fast, but are a little fragile, so handle with care or it will scratch off. Also nee to wipe down with thinner before spraying o it will stick.
                    Perma-Lac, and Clear Guard from Sculpt nouveau and better by far, and are available in a spray can, more expensive, and you have to wait for the brown truck to bring them


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                      Sculptors seem to recommend Permalac, so I bought some. Have not used it much yet. I understand Nikolas also has good clear.

                      Krylon Clear also seems to work OK. Just be sure to get the glossy.

                      Run a test piece before you coat your real work.

                      It is all in the prep, so sand/polish until you are happy, then put on clean new rubber gloves without a powder coat, and use solvent to clean any oils. I spray immediately after I use the solvent, (allowing time for any residual solvent to evaporate).

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