I bought my 10th or so metabo grinder, probly my 5th or 6th 6in about a month ago. A week into using it the switch stuck on, I got it to free up after messing with it for 10 minutes or so. After that I didn't do anything but use it until yesterday it wouldn't turn on at all no matter how much I tried. After messing with it I seen that the plastic was broken under the switch so it was useless. I called the lws where I bought it and they said they would have to send it off... and as some of you know I can be a **** about things and I'm not paying 250 for a grinder just to have a repaired grinder a month later.. so I called metabo service/warranty dept. And they said they would replace it without question and if my lws had a problem with it then they could call metabo themselves. So bottom line is I will be sticking with metabo for a long time, great customer service and great products... a lot like miller, you pay a little more but in the end it pays off