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    i used to run 4043 .035 through a teflon liner in my lincoln. i NEVER ONCE had a birdnest. never held the gun/cable any differently than for steel wire. great feeding.


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      Blown S-10,

      I doubt that the 135 has enough juice to burn that heavy of wire. I run 1/16 at work at 36V and between 260 and 300A. You might get it to run a bead but it'd probably never penetrate or wet in like it needs to to be a strong weld. What size was your red machine? Mine's only a SP 125 and I tried using the .030 and couldn't get enough heat to do anything with and what it did do looked like goose poop on a pump handle.

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        The push/pull is awesome. We typically run .035 Alum and this set-up can go for days without a single burnback. I've put maybe 4 or 5 tips in the gun total. I've been very pleased with the push/pull.
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