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TIG setup on a Lincoln AC225

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  • TIG setup on a Lincoln AC225

    Can I run the old school TIG welding setup without high frequency on this? It's AC only.

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    Not without hf box. You need dc to tig weld


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      You need a hf box or you can build a rectifier. It will then be a scratch start setup. Ideally you can setup a on/off type switch so you can keep your shielding gas around the end of the weld and stil stop the arc without leaving a crater. A little Google on homemade rectifier should get you a good start
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        The old school way of welding aluminum if that's what you mean... was DC welding on elec positive. The tungsten burns back quickly but actually welds pretty good. And I guess the ac DC version of that machine is just a added rectifier? So maybe that would work but if it were me I would sell the ac unit and buy something like a old econo tig. That way ya got it all