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Left welding glove tearing up

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  • Left welding glove tearing up

    I started searching and really didn't find a way to fix the thumb and index finger of my left welding gloves they all have holes in them and the rights are still good . I wrapped some fiberglass tape around the thumb yesterday and it worked pretty dang good I got it at the local electrical supply sure felt better .
    This is not were I got them its just to show what I got.
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    Throw them out and buy some single lefts?......yup they really are available that way.


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      Left welding glove tearing up

      Hey. Thx big mike, didn't know u could buy single gloves. Got a stack of good right ones and all my left ones hv tape on them, just used athletic tape on them.
      In another note my son is left handed so if he helps me he always has lots of good Rt. ones.


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        I do tape also. Duct tape.
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          I'm not a welder just like to weld here at the house a little 5 acre place pipe fence ,tractor ,implements , or what ever will stay still so I'm grabbing pretty stuff tears it up quick . When I buy just the left glove I'm going to wrap the thumb so I don't tear it up so quick. I like to read this site to learn and I enjoy the threads thanks.


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            Back in the day when I did a lot more welding I would order six pair of lefts only. I was never lucky enough to find a southpaw welder to have as a friend. It would have been a perfect match.

            The off hand is always in the way of work when welding, closest to the heat, sparks, etc.
            life is good