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stick welding open root

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    Ditto! Thanks Greg.


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      stick welding open root

      MillerCasey: I ran a couple 6011 rods on my Dynasty this morning. Most of my work is mig & when using stick I normally use 7018 so I wanted to run a couple to refresh my memory.
      Here is results. Wide range was 60 to 90 amps.
      No penetration at 40 to 50 amps.
      95 to 100 was just to hot, no control, splatter, etc
      70 to 80 amps ran good. And I settled in at 80 amps. Working best on some scrap metal.
      I also just burnt one 3/32 7018 rod and it ran about 10 to 20 amps hotter @ 90 to 100 amps
      But as we all know all welders run different and u realy need to find the sweet spot and make light adjustments from there as conditions change.
      Remember the old saying. The proof is in the pudding. Test your work, learn & adapt from there. Look forward not back you'll do fine.
      Hope this helps. God Bless Greg


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        Originally posted by Missouripipewelder View Post
        Drpipe ? Really... how much 6010 have you did? I personally have used so much its pathedic... I run my root in at 90-95 amps like clockwork,. Now it is the very top of the range on the rod but definatly not bull****. I call bull**** on the "drpipe." This kids just starting out and coming here for advice. If ya cant try to help the kid out shut the **** up or try to stay true to the forum topic.

        Don't pay any attention to Dr. Pipe as he usually has nothing positive to say about anything. This guy is a jerk and I think he works in a shop and is probably just learning to weld and has a low self esteem that he tries to boost by trash talking. You have to feel sorry for people like him.



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          True wheelchair, very true. It just pisses me off because I was there before and it really.sucked to get a smart a** answer for an honest question.