Guys...i have a dialarc 250 that i bought new in son i going to welding school so i figured i'd up date the machine a little. I purchased a rf-10 remote kit and a rhc-3 remote control. I played around with this install for four hours and found that the remote control was miss wired (i think)'s my qustion.... I was under the impression that when the remote switch was thrown the "heat controls" would be independant of one another. But this is not the case. I find that the heat control on the the machine must be set about half way ..then the remote will "fine adjust" the heat up or down. As i look at the wiring diagram furnished with the rf-10 seems that the heat rehostat on the machine is never out of the circuit. So it seems that this is the intent of the remote i correct? The miller wiring diagrams , to be kind, "suck"...are there any better diagrams if i would buy a shop manual?
Circuit diagram that i have is ca-901 570-18
thanks for your help
denny k