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    I am using an air cooled 200 amp torch with my dynasty 200 and cannot seem to get consistant coverage for my welds. I have used a #5 cup 10 cfm to 15 cfm and a #12 cup at approx 20 cfm to 25 cfm. I have had better luck with the latter but not completely satisfied. the tungston still has discoloration even after a 10 second purge. I am not using a gas lense at home but use one daily at work. I am also running 100% argon. ps my arc seems to wander slightly even with the pulse on (usualy set at around 70)

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    First set the post flow timer to at least 30 seconds on an air cooled torch. That will solve the oxidizing problem with the electrode unless you're waving it around after the weld. I instruct my students to hold the torch over the end of the bead for five seconds after letting off the foot pedal. That prevents weld and tungsten oxiding. As always a gas lens does provide much better flow and coverage of the shielding gas. But, you shouldn't need one if the air around the joint is calm.
    Also the gas flow is measured in "cubic feet per hour" not "cubic feet per minute". Boy would you're supplier like to see you buying gas at 25cfm.
    Hopefully ROCK will chime in on your machine settings, since I have no time with a 200dx.
    Welding is hot and it's the coolest job you'll ever have.


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      What does the bead look like? Is it dark in color, sooty, porosity?
      What thickness and material type?

      It could be the torch sucking in atmosphere from somewhere.


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        Thanks for a straight forward reply. The bead has a sooty look to it. it stays dark but I have not noticed excessive porosity. The way the arc acts is like when there is no gas, just straight arc spitting then the arc will establish. I have checke my connections for my gas and all seems to be fine, I do not have any teflon tape on them. I have tried a pre flow by engageing the pedal. the material is stainless and 4130 any where from 1/4 to .060. I installed a small screen into my cup for a makeshift gas lens this seems to have helped some. I have noticed that my 200 dx acts differently than my sync 250 that i use at work. any other help would be appreciated.


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          If it's a soot, that is usually gas related or contamination. Either a bad cylinder of Argon(I assume it's straight Argon), bad regulator, bad torch(could be up in the handle), too much flow causing turbulance, contamination of parent material(do you wire brush or preheat the 4130 slightly to remove moisture?)
          The machine can not give you that result. It is strickly a source to provide heat to melt metal. The only way the machine could cause this is if the gas solonoid is defective(very rare, they usually burn out rather than leak).
          The Dynasty 200 is a great machine. I have many out there doing SS and 4130 with no problems. I hate that you have this nagging problem. The way you described it with the bad starting, it sounds too much like a bad gas problem. I have had this myself at Hendrick's. They got a bad lot of gas and it took 4 different bottles to get a good one. Something happened at the gas plant where they didn't purge the tank well enough I guess.