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MM 210 vs MM Pulser

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  • MM 210 vs MM Pulser

    I've narrowed my choice between the 210 with the 3035 spool gun and the Pulser. I plan on working with mostly aluminum but need good steel abilities also. This is hobby type work. I am not a pro yet

    The differences between my 2 choices seem to be that the Pulser can better handle very thin aluminum. Both seem equal on the steel and thicker aluminum front. I'm not sure what "very thin" is (aluminum soda can thickness?). Do I have the differences correctly?


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    I don't have any personal experience with the Pulser, but it looks like your on target. I think "very thin" is 1.0mm (19 gauge) for aluminum, .8mm (20 gauge) for stainless and 22 guage for steel. I found these numbers in Miller's most recent spec sheet. I think the pulsed power supply feature would be great for aluminum. Sometimes I find the spray mode is too hot and short arc runs too cold. Occasionally I set my voltage and wire speed to get a hot short arc wanting to go to spray. This is where I think the pulse feature would be great.

    Both machines are rated 160 amps at 60% duty cycle. The MM210 is 160 at 24.5 volts and the MM Pulser is 160 at 26 volts. If aluminum is what your are after, I vote for the Pulser. I don't see anything in the spec sheets that would compromise the Pulser's performance on mild steel.


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      Thanks HAWK. That's what I thought. Both almost exact except on thinner material, especially aluminum. Pulser it is.

      Thanks again!


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        When you get the Pulser running let me know how it works. I used to run a pulse machine on steel (XMT 304 with Optima pulser), but it's long gone. I run mainly mobile and Miller has no machines available for pulsed mig until you get into the medium sized diesels like the Pipe Pro 304 with the Optima Pulser. Maybe I'll put a Pulser in my shop.


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          The Pulser is a nice way to go for Alum. Plus, you don't need to run the pulse if you don't want to. The 19ga is about as thin as you would go with it. I have one in my shop and like it just fine. It doesn't really give you an advantage on the steels.



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            mm300 pulseamatic

            Its about time Miller comes out with a pulsed all in one 300amp machine. I got my money ready ,if they dont do it soon I will have to get a Powermig 300


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              I was thinking primarily about pulsed spray for out of position welding on steel. However, this machine does not have the punch of the XMT 304 I was used to. It was such a fine machine. I hated to see it go! Kinda of a Jackson Browne thing?


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                Re: mm300 pulseamatic

                Originally posted by chub380
                Its about time Miller comes out with a pulsed all in one 300amp machine. I got my money ready ,if they dont do it soon I will have to get a Powermig 300
                Why an all in one machine? What about one of the invision machines and a pulse capable feeder? You have plenty of portability.


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                  Keep your money in your pocket....(it won't be long...let's just say it welds really nice)




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                    Thanks thats what I wanted to hear. Chub