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warping steel

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  • warping steel

    I've got a problem with a part we are trying to make.
    It's long thin steel with some nuts welded on it.
    I have a tolerance of 0.5mm.
    And as soon as I take it out of the gig it's over 1 mm out. And it's execentuated down the piece.
    I've tried welding it as cold as pos, doing one small weld at a time with cooling in between.
    Any ideas?

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    Pre camber the part by placing something under the middle and clamping both ends before you weld it. Might take a part or two to nail it.
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      Ditto, if you are a MM out, try starting with a mm camber the opposite way and you should come out straight. Helps if you can let a cool a minute or two before taking out of the jig


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        What kind of metal, how long is the work piece, what welding process are you using, how many welds and how close together are they?

        Is a product like this large and strong enough to use for your project. I have used my rivet nut set a few times, for my applications they worked fine.

        Could also try pre heating the piece before you start welding.
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          Try this stuff. It really does work well on all metals. On the back of the tube says... keeps adjoining metals from distortion, discoloration, warping, cracking, buckling, or blistering caused by welding, brazing or soldering.
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            yep, got a few tubes hanging around, miracle stuff