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    Hi Im currently just starting out in welding and I love it, I currently go to tri community adult school for welding , I wanted to know if anyone knew of a good school in the Los Angeles area or the inland empire area. I am starting off with smaw and plan on learning everything else about welding fcaw, gtaw, Gmaw, everything. If anyone has any tips for me it would be nice, thankyou

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    I went to mount san antonio college in pomona, ca. They had a really good program, but that was 15 years ago.


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      Get your eyes checked, always wear gloves, keep your safety glasses on, chipped 7018 slag will stick to your eyelid and burn like crazy. Don't wear moccasin type of work boots, no cuffs on your pants, only carry a one quart thermos on the job and never wear all white welder caps if you want to stay employed.

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