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  • Miller 135 xl

    Just got a 135 and it had flux core wire .030 and it was welding fine. I changed out to solid wire, changed polarity and adjusted tension and it seems to start out fine then seems to lose the feed rate. The same ground point was used for both( was practicing on some scrap pieces. As I'm new to welding, I don't have enough experience to no where to look first. The gas is straight CO2. Thanks, Tom

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    Look at spool tension as well as tension at the feed rollers.


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      you need to start with mixed gas 25% argon 70%co2. Then check your rollers and make sure they are operating on the right size. one groove is for .035 and one groove is for .023 wire. make sure that the tensioner is tight enough to hold the wire from slipping when its being fed trough to the gun. Also make sure the wire is nice and clean and hasen't been sitting on a shelf rusting. Check your tip also.... you will need to buy some spares especially if the tip was used with the flux core wire. When you buy the tips make sure that the tips are for the size wire that you are using.... and buy a tip cleaner kit also, about three bucks.


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        I do believe the stickout was too long and it seems to be welding better


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          Stick out for solid should be between 1/4"-3/8, flux should be closer to 3/4. Sounds like you have it figured. I have never ran straight c02 though so I don't know if that effects things.