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Help- Ranger 8 Died !

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  • Help- Ranger 8 Died !

    Cruizer, Help !

    I was out on a job this morning, when the engine just died. ( Fuel Tank Full )
    I Took the gas line off the electronic fuel pump, & no gas was comming out when it was cranked.

    So, can I take it off & clean it, or is it a sealed unit ?
    If it's shot where can I get another one ?

    Ranger 8- Serial#- 10110 U1940808484


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    Onan, or Honda? doesn't matter much as neither had a electric fuel pump in that era. Now if it does, the power for it would have been routed through the oil pressure switch. So either the pump has crapped out, little oil in the engine, thus no oil pressure, or the wiring to the pump has come off.


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      Cruizer, It's a Kohler CH18S engine, 625 cc. - spec. 62514, ser.# 2422116047.
      It says electronic fiel pump on the side of it.
      Oil & filter change last week.

      I don't see any loose wiring.



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        One of my old welders had that engine, I don't remember which welder but it had the same problem. I took the fuel pump off and apart then gently cleaned it with carb cleaner then put it back on and it worked fine.


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          Back to work !!!!!!!!

          Weldon, Thanks. It's a sealed unit, No chance to take it apart as far as I can see.

          I went to NAPA. auto parts, just to check if by chance I could get a universal electronic fuel pump, I lucked out, they had one. $82.50 after tax.

          I installed it, & it fired right up first try !!!!!!!
          Now I can go back & finish the job I started today !

          Back on the road again .



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            OK, if that pump runs to the right side kohler cylinder head, then just take it out of the circuit Plumb around it, cut the wires to it. It's only there for priming the one in the head, and thats for real high altitudes.


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              Cruizer, See post above !
              I'm Not plumbing anything, It's been fixed- New fuel pump !