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Bobcat 225G idles but won't high idle!

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  • Bobcat 225G idles but won't high idle!

    I have a welder that starts and runs fine at idle but when placed in the" run" or "run/idle" mode, will not run at high idle. I have tried tightening the govenor spring. This didn't help. If I force the govenor lever toward the carburetor it will rev up, but push right back down to idle. This is a friends welder. He brought it to me to fix because he put a brand new carb on it and while doing so he caught some leaking fuel on fire and it charred a few wires. Upon inspection the wires weren't damaged but I can't get it to run at high idle as stated before. Is there anything electronic that might tell the engine to run at high idle, or is it only mechanically controled by the govenor spring?

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    Just an off the wall thought and likely wrong but check to see that he got the levers on the new carb on correct and the govenor isn't shutting down the carb when it activates to open it.


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      I believe there is a solenoid that controls the run/idle speed. Check for power there. It should be mechanically hooked to the linkage/carb. Also check the run/idle switch that it is functioning.

      Also post up the serial #
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        Well, there is an idle module, might want to replace it....


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          What does it do when you try and weld with it. Does it bogg down?