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  • Mig issuse

    I have a Miller 35s and at times it runs fine and then it will just start to melt the wire as droplets. It will have a soft sound to it not a sizzle sound. I would say like the sound that if you started a piece of plastic on fire and the droplets of flaming balls of melting plastic dropping. I don't know if I made it clear or not, but.... Thanks,Tom

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    Check your ground clamp connection first, then your liner, drive roll, then start looking inside the machine. Pull the covers and check the selector switch contacts (clean and relube). The lugs on the back side of the front panel have a history of getting a little lose and arcing. Also, mig gun cable may have pulled out of its connection point, GA-20C gun?


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      I'll check the contacts and lugs. The liner and drive rollers are new. The gun is a Bernard

      Thanks, Tom
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