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  • MK Products MIG pulse +

    Looking at some welding equipment that comes with a MK products MIG pulse + unit (158-001). How useful is this? comes with a push pull MK system.

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    Anything it seems that MK puts out is basically a piece of poop....


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      MK products

      so are you saying the "push /pull" wire feeder is poop and the "plus control" is crap? I am looking at an airco (esab) 250 amp V with the push pull Cobramatic wire feeder with the pulse control. Does seem odd running this on a CC power supply.


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        Oh, crap is ok to say here, yes the MK product line is crap


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          I thought the Lincoln used same feeder

          The seller said the Lincoln feeder is the same system, I suppose it could be just the MK is poor quality. I will take a look at the whole rig next week and see, but if its junk then I suppose whats the point.


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            Yes many of the lincoln push pull and spool gun is also crap, and after 20 years in the welding repair business, I refuse to repair them. Instead I install the Miller lineup on to the Lincolns. Way better quality, lasts near forever. + parts & consumables are cheaper.