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Miller lense interchanging?

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  • Miller lense interchanging?

    I am curious to know, if the miller digital elite and digital performance lenses can be interchanged with the helmets they are sold in. I have looked at pictures of the digital performance on line as my local weld shop doesn't stock them. I have a digital elite, and from what I can gather the two holders fasten differently. Obviously they hae a different viewing area, but the cartridges as a unit look to be the same size. Does anybody know for sure or has put a digital elite lens in a digital performance hood or vice versa? Thanks in advance!

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    Anybody have any idea?


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      The lenses can be interchanged between digital and analog shells of the same series but not between series.

      For example, the Digital Elite and analog Elite would both fit in the same Elite shells.
      The Elite lens however is bigger than the Performance or Pro Hobby lens and will not fit in those shells.

      Let us know if you have more questions.

      Miller Welding Forums Administrator