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High idle speeds on engine drives

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  • High idle speeds on engine drives

    Disregard what you've been told or read, follow these specs and you will all be happy campers

    Get yourselves a meter that reads frequency HZ and plug the probes into the auxillary 120Vac receptacles, Adjust your engines to read the following:

    Miller 302 275, Ranger 250.305 gassers
    High idle no load 62.5 hz
    low idle 43hz

    Miller diesels 61 hz except PP304 @ 62hz

    Lincoln diesel except classic 300D's 61 hz

    Lincoln 300d 60.5hz

    Lincoln 200D 137 volts DC measured are the auxillary receptical

    Idea is to match the technical waveforms, so alot more power and significantly better weld
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    Dude, thanks for the specific info. Saves an expensive trip to the repair shop.
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      Works wonders on a TB302, so will you be able to make the TB325 weld better cruizer?


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        Thats a recalibration of the engine, and throttle controls. Really cranky to do. there is a problem with the 325's as Miller is sending them out less than 60HZ and also sending them out still with corrosion inhibitor on the sliprings. Making the display reset itself back to zero. Techs think its a failed board, but its just the brushes not making erratic contact with the slip rings... A cleaning and engine recalibration fixes the machines