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Millermatic 175 wire doesn't feed

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  • Millermatic 175 wire doesn't feed

    I am appealing to any welding machine repair experts out there or anyone who has had a similar problem and solved it. My Millermatic 175 mig doesn't feed wire. I checked for power at the feed motor and measured 0.9vac. I tried connecting 12vdc to the feed motor and it ran so I replaced the pc board. Still no wire feed. the contactor is working and I have weld current output, does the main transformer provide current to the drive motor? I've also tried plugging in a new M10 gun with no luck. Does anyone know what the correct voltage to the drive motor should be?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Disconnect the drive motor and with a resistance meter check for 2 ohms or less between the red and black leads, and check the leads to the motor frame which should be high resistance


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      As for input motor voltages it, kinda depends on the serial# of the machine