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    I have a Regency 250 with a 30A Spoolomatic and 30 feet of hose that was purchased about five years ago. It was primarily used for aluminum floor welding(Reefer trailers).
    Now, What kind of set up would be ideal for body welding on a vintage car I plan to restore?
    As you already know, I'll be working with 1/8 inch gauge sheet metal. Will I be able to dial down low enough without creating to much heat?

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    Low Enough


    Why don't you experiment? The Regency dials down to 16 volts. Try .023 and .030 in your spool gun on some metal similar to what you want to use it for. If it's truly 11 guage you should be okay on short runs-filling in the run length as you would with aluminum. If not, you may need something like the MM210. Use 75/25 for gas and ER70S-6 filler wire. Good Luck.


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      Just curious. How does the Regency 250 with spoolgun do for your 1/8" metal?


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        The regency should run just fine! I assume you are talking 18ga not 1/8".
        As Hawk advised, use the .023 on your body stuff and you'll be fine!

        The regency is basiclly the MM Vintage guts without the built in feeder. It will handle anything you can throw 250Amps at and still has a nice stabilizer for thin materials.