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  • Bobcat 97 225 nt

    Just curious as why my welder kicks on high when i only plug in a drop light? The Lincoln's i have noticed doesn't do that. Also is there a way to fix or change that if possible?
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    I would think at idle your hz and volts would be really low needs to be 60 hz and 120 volts for electric thus the engine is reeved up. Maybe the miller is more sensitive .
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      #1. You have a miller, the best machine on earth, which can't be compared to a lincoln. #2 what he said about the electricity.


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        I would check the Hz at full speed. I think it is supposed to be 62.5 at the 120vac receptacle.
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          If it were me I would turn the fine adjustment all the way up when using the outlets and always use the lowest course adjustment setting for a certain weld.

          I believe the higher the amps used for welding the less amps available for powering things.

          Never start or turn the machine off with anything plugged into it.

          Wait until machine reaches full idle speed before plugging things into it.

          Sounds like it's doing what it's supposed to be doing when it's called to make power at the outlets.
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            Originally posted by tackit View Post
            Sounds like it's doing what it's supposed to be doing when it's called to make power at the outlets.
            Yep, that's it exactly, it's coming up to generator speed to make electrical power at the right hertz and voltage. You don't want to"fix or change" this feature or you will burn up motor operated tools that get plugged in if you forget to bring it up to speed before operating them. Leave it alone it is working properly as it should. The time to worry about it is when it DOESN'T come up to speed from idle when you need electrical power.


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              Thanks for all the replies it really helped me understand. No there is no comparison to Lincoln !!!!!!!!! I just used it as an example from other experiences as possible options. I love my 225 nt. It welds spectacular. I see me adding on a 12 vs extreme here real shortly. Just want to make sure it is running as it should. I do need to replace the tank seal it leaks when filled all the way up.