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hooking spool gun to TB

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  • hooking spool gun to TB

    Just Curious what is involved with running my spool gun off my TB 302? The spool gun is a miller as well thanks

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    Thanks for asking this question. I also have a TB 302 and have often wondered what would be involved to hooking up a spool gun. I have an older Miller 185 spool gun, and most likely it will be too outdated to use with a TB............I will be watching this post for more information............thanks.


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      Don't know if you can adapt other spool guns or not as i don't know enough about them. I too have a Spoolmate 185 and it looks like a 3035 don't know if its the same...Bob
      Bob Wright

      Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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        Originally posted by View Post
        Just Curious what is involved with running my spool gun off my TB 302? The spool gun is a miller as well thanks
        What spool gun do you have?


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          You need a WC24 control 14 pin to TB and spool gun plug on the other end.

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          Suitcase 12 RC
          S22P-12 Feeder
          Spoolmatic 30A
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            A wc-115 would allow you to hook a 30a or 15a to any power source including the tb

            A spoolmatic 3 will direct connect to the tb

            To properly answer the op, we need to know what kind of spoolgun you have


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              I expect that with the 185 spool gun you would need the SGA100C. I have a 185 that works with a SGA100C. I see that the 3035 is also used with the SGA100 so I suspect they are the same as the 185. That may also include the 3045 which I think is a 3035 with a heavier barrel(= higher duty cycle?). Compare the parts list and manuals of all three to verify. For the original poster yes, one would need to match the spool gun adapter to the spool gun, which is ......? -----Meltedmetal


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                hooking spool gun to TB

                The one I have is a canox mini-mig 30 amp made by miller to my understanding hope this helps thanks for any input


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                  I can run my 3035 off of my TB251 with my SGA100c, in fact I can run if off of any of my CC/CV machines with that box.


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                    canox mini-mig 30 amp

                    Maybe a few pics of your spool gun would help someone identify it. I can't find much online about Canox equipment or that model. Is it 30 amp or is it a miller 30A painted red? 30 foot lead?--Meltedmetal


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                      hooking spool gun to TB

                      Can't seem to get any pictures to add for me but I'm positive it's just a miller 30A with roughly a 25-30' lead I'm also ruinous with the adapter for the TB would that also work on a CST250?? I'm thinking about purchasing one for the tig side thanks if pictures are needed email me a and ill send pics that way thanks


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                        Are you asking if you can use the spoolgun with the CST 250? Cause the CST 250 is CC and your spoolgun needs CV. Does "ruinous=curious" ? Auto correct can be so entertaining.-Meltedmetal

                        If your spoolgun is indeed a 30A miller then refer to the chart linked by aametalmaster and the post by W Welding.-Meltedmetal