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millermatic 211 w auto set porosity on auto set

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  • millermatic 211 w auto set porosity on auto set

    So I just bought this miller 211 mvp with auto set. I have never had an auto set before, but I have been getting porosity when using the auto set expecially when I first start the weld bead. When I use the manual settings I don't seem to have this problem. Am I doing something wrong so I am running .035 flux core (radnor branded),I weld in and outside my shop.and yes I am running the correct polarity (I tripple checked that.

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    Auto set is made for .023 or .030 solid wire only.


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      On the 211 its for .030 and .035 solid wire not fluxcore.
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        Originally posted by Autobodytec View Post
        On the 211 its for .030 and .035 solid wire not fluxcore.
        This is correct.


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          That is what I was leaning towards, but was not sure. Thanks for the help


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            I have a 211 also and find the Autoset if used tends to be on the hot side....
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              I also have a Miller 211, and have found the "Autoset" to be right on or VERY close to right on sometimes, but usually is just far enough off so that I will use the manual settings for most welding after giving it a shot or two on a piece of scrap (hopefully a piece left over after making whatever I am about to weld on). That doesn't surprise me, though, as the machine just CAN NOT be always right on for every welding situation/material/weldor/wire/whatever....and there are a LOT of "whatevers" encountered every day by weldors!!

              Even though the M211 has an "MVP" function/plug, I have never really used it on 110V as the thing works pretty danged well on 230V.

              Oh, yeah...the aluminum thing in the picture is a drink holder...made big enough to hold most drinks and accommodate a insulator around the drink, too.
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