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625 Plasma and miller air filter

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  • 625 Plasma and miller air filter

    I got the external Miller filter with my plasma cutter, and curious if I should run that filter all the time in the shop, or only when operating off a portable air supply (such as a gas powered compressor I take to the field).

    I'm replumbing my shop, and adding another water/oil seperator right where I intended to do most of my cutting. Is this additional filter necessary, or will it help, or should I save it for when I go mobile?

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    I have a bowl filter on the back of my machine and run one of these screwed on-to it. The more filtering the better, plasma likes dry air.. there cheap enough to keep one in the truck for on the road.


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      Just remember if your compressed air gets hot (after sanding or sand blasting) then these filters are useless. I recently got a 7.5 HP compressor then went for an air dryer unit which is capable of keeping the air at 4C temps so the filters down stream can pull out the water vapour. If you don't get that hot then no worries else consider a dryer or using metal (copper with silver soldered joints) lines.


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        Can anyone tell me why this 625 comes with 30A and 40 tips/hardware?

        I'm running on 220V mainly, curious why I would ever swap in the 30A hardware?

        Is that just for running on 110V?

        Will the 40A stuff cut as nice when turned to low power?