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Fleck in my welds

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  • Fleck in my welds

    You all you goods guys out there.
    Starters: Dynasty 200 DX, 2006 year. Doing 3/16" Al. Using 3/16" x 1 1/2" angle mill finish. 1 /1/4" pipe butt weld. Running 185 amps, 70 bal 120 frq. all good. I'm guessing 6000 series. Problem was went to Anodized pipe kicked to 200 amps , 70, 130. full of pepper flacks. I tried gas at 20 to 35 cfh or what ever. Welds look fine just dirty. 3/32" 1.5 Lanthaitd tried orange and red.

    Any Help Out There??

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    Those are chunks of anodized finish on the top of your beads. You need to completely clean the area of the weld to eliminated those.
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