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    I have one of those jump starters and I can't find the ac charger. It has usb, 110v inverter, cigarette lighter receptacles and air pump.

    To jump start a vehicle there is a switch you turn on and it shows the volts on a little read out.

    When I had the instructions I think it said it could be charged through the lighter ports from the vehicles lighter port but I'm not sure.

    So I thought I would charge it by using a regular vehicle battery charger connected to the jumper clamps with that switch turned on.

    Will I mess something up? I mean that's coming straight off the internal battery so couldn't I charge it back through that?

    Oh, its welding related because I'll use it to turn on the interior trailer lights when not connected to the truck.

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    I would think it has a built in cord with a male lighter plug on it or one that came with it that plugs in. What you are considering might work, dunno. You don't mention what kind/brand it is. You could probably find info on manufacturer website. Harbor Freight has most of the manuals for their stuff online with the description of the item. Some will charge off 120V receptacle so you could charge it from your welder while it's running, or charge with an extension cord.


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      As long as the battery in the jump starter is OK, there is no reason why that shouldn't work. Just treat it like you would any other battery on a charger. If your charger does not automatically switch to trickle charge when the battery is charged, then you will have to time how long to leave it on there or you could overcharge and destroy the battery.

      BTW: You can probably find a replacement for the lost charger at Radio Shack or other electronics store.
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        hate to move this back up but charging with the battery charger did work ok. The Battery charger was set on 2amps and it is one that has auto shut off when fully charged.

        I did find a manual, its a Schumacher XP2260, and can be charged through the lighter port of a vehicle but recommended to keep watch and not leave it plugged in with the vehicle off or after it reaches 100%.

        It gave no mention of using a vehicle battery charger but worked fine.



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          Instead of looking for a craptasmic RS charger, or even an original, get a BatteryTender Jr. (~$25 Amazon). You can either charge it thru the mains like you did, or hardwire its included pigtail into the jumper, or install it inside the jumper case (if you can get in there). It's a great little float charger that can be semipermanently installed in anything with a 12V battery.
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