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Got my new 625 extreme

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  • Got my new 625 extreme

    havent tried it yet though, still trying to plumb up my shop with new air lines and a double dryer, was hoping there was a video in there like my 211 welder had. I have no idea what I am doing at this point, other than reading the manual.

    Any tips for a beginner here other than that?

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    I've got a 40 amp plasma and just tried different settings and travel speeds on scrap to get a feel for it. Practice straight lines and keeping the radius of an arc constant. You can turn it up to Max and cut everything, but on small stuff you'll put a lot of heat into the metal. Good luck and have fun. Plasma cutters are a great toy, er I mean tool...
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      YouTube has a lot of videos


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        I have learned if you cut with proper amperage it will cut the material with the thinnest kerf cut. Practice cutting as fast as the cut will allow, this reduces bottom dross. If you travel too quickly the plasma won't cut all the way through the work piece and can splash back and ruin tips and cups. I have the best cuts by hand by using a stand off guide to run against a template. Helps a lot with keeping the cut square when cutting thicker materials. Oh and be aware what is on the other side of the work piece, the plasma stream makes quick work of basically any material in its path.