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MM 130 Wire feed problem

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  • MM 130 Wire feed problem

    Last week my MM 130 stopped feeding wire unless the gun cable was held straight in front of the welder.

    The feed roller was tight on its shaft and turning. I replaced the contact tip and tried tightening and loosening the compression knob and also checked the wire roll but the problem remained.

    The gun and cable was replaced no more than 20 lbs of wire ago so there should be no liner problem.

    Next, as I use a felt lubricator on the wire feed, I removed it and rinsed any residual oil away with brake kleen. (I have occasionally squirted the wire lube directly onto the wire coil as this unit has always had feed difficulties)
    The problem remained.

    Taking all of this together, the feed roll needs to be replaced and I have a new one but not installed it yet. (i'm traveling at the moment) Comparing the old to the new, the old roller does not seem to be worn even when under magnification.

    Finally to the problem: the roller has a straight groove on one side and a knurled groove on the other. The roller is embossed with ".23 - .30" on the groove side of the roller and ".30 - .45 on the knurled side. (see photos) this seems to indicate that the choice of grooves is based on wire size.

    The manual, however, says to use the straight groove side for solid wire and the knurled groove for flux core. (see photo)

    To further complicate the matter, when installed, the wire passes over the groove on the inside of roller thus leaving the embossed wire size of the vacant outer groove visible, i.e., does the visible wire size numbers relate to inner groove being used or to the vacant groove on the same side as the embossed numbers?

    How should the new roller be installed for .30 solid wire? The roller markings and the manual seem to directly contradict one another.

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    The numbers showing refer to the wire passing over the inside groove....Bob
    Bob Wright


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      MM 130 Wire feed problem

      Does wire size per roller or wire type per manual determine which groove to use?

      Am I missing something? Surely someone else has had this problem.


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        dkennett the number you see on the outside of the wheel when it's mounted refers to the inside grove. if you are using .030 solid wire then the .030 should be showing when you close the machine's door. The knurled groove is for flux core wire.

        When I had problems with my MM180 not feeding I cleaned the drive wheels and groves with a maroon scotch pad and denatured alcohol. Fed fine after cleaning them.

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          I'd change the liner, again ! Sounds like the liner is either plugged or kinked.



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            MM 130 Wire feed problem

            I'm still not clear on this.

            Which groove would I use for .35 solid wire?


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              You are making this way tooooo hard. Just use the smooth groove for solid wire. I have never changed mine in the 14 years of running it and i run .023, .024, .030 and .035 all with the same groove. I do agree with try another liner as it might have a small kink in it. At least take it out and look at it again...Bob
              Bob Wright


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                MM 130 Wire feed problem

                Bob, thanks. I'm afraid I was over thinking it.


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                  When the drive roll is loaded, what you see on it's face is what you are running.
                  If you see .030", that's the wire you want to load in the welder !