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  • auto dark to passive

    Hey friends. I've been In the trade for about 4 years now. I started off with an auto darkening Miller Elite. Worked phenomenal until the electronics failed right out of warranty. So I picked up a speedglass 9100 x.. Pretty cool but there was something about it I just could not get used to for everyday use.

    So I decide to go to Old Faithful a Jackson shadow with a # 10 and #11 gold lens Radnor Airgas brand. And man my eyes just seem to thank me everyday! Better clarity less eye fatigue and it just feels right on my head. Mostly shopwork might rig <200amps. Was wondering if anybody else has experience? 2 of the top high and helmets but choosing to use an old school given to me by my father with a plain Jane Gold shade. Thanks for reading!

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    auto dark to passive

    That's funny we were just talking about this Friday. I have a Speedglas 9002x. The optics and clarity are good but I agree my standard hoods with shade 10/11 just look better. We all came to that conclusion except the guys with Jackson Nex-Gens they said their hoods were the Same. I still use my auto hood except for overhead.
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      I recently bought a Lincoln Viking 3350, the one with the big window. It would work well if you worked inside all the time but outside, which is where I work 90% of the time it's worthless. any time you look up if the sun is out it goes dark no matter where the sensitivity is adjusted. I contacted Lincoln and to their credit they immediately sent me a new lens and it was just like the original.

      Well we went back and forth about it for a month, finally they said there engineering dept. had checked everything and that was the way it worked and nothing more could be done. So I've got a $200.00 decoration to hang on the wall.

      I really liked the features of the Helmet, nice big view and I could put my cheater lens in the top half of the window and have the bottom half normal.
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