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330 AB/P Foot pedal

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  • 330 AB/P Foot pedal

    I have a 330 AB/P and all of the sudden the foot pedal doesn't control amps its all or nothing as soon as you press the pedal if you try to set amps lower it doesn't want to start. Any Ideas or troubleshooting help. The foot pedal is a RFC-23A.

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    Seems like there is a broken wire to the rheostat.
    From your description, your switch still works.

    This remote uses what I call "toasters" as the current control.
    This is a high power or wattage ceramic element so the newer potentiometer based remotes will not work as a substitute.

    My suggestion is to open the case and check wire continuity and connections visually first and then with an ohmmeter.
    Also check continuity from the remote connections to the connectors.

    Good luck
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      Many times the wires in the cord exiting the pedal fray and break. Check continuity there too.
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        This should give you guys a chuckle for the day

        Its fixed I didn't notice that the upper switch for the remote was bumped to the off position. I'm getting old I guess didn't see it until I unplugged the the foot pedal as the plug and cord hang over it thanks for the replies.