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Bobcat or trailblazer?

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  • Bobcat or trailblazer?

    Am curious if anyone could give me abit of advice. Am planning on getting an engine driven welder. Am doing moderate on site stick welding where there usually is no power, plus can use the gen. For running an assortment of tools. Other than that, I plan to do abit of tig welding with it also. Is there a big difference between the tig capabilities on the bobcat 250 and the trailblazer 275/325? Not concerned with a/c or aluminum welding, but the difference in price between the bobcat and trailblazer, I could get a few nice accessories, and or a new Tig setup. In the end, its probably a judgement call with which one will work best, but would appreciate some advice. Thanks.

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    I have a trailblazer 302. I think the independent generator will be the deciding feature. Nothing worse when welding and somebody turns on a power tool using the generator. Trailblazer welding side is not affected. Here's what miller says.

    Cleaner and Stronger Generator Power
    Smart-Cor technology in our new Trailblazer® includes a newly designed 10-degree skewed rotor and Wave Filter™ technology for a new level of clean generator power. The independent welder/generator power system means no interaction between jobsite tools and the welding arc.


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      I agree the Trailblazer is the better of the 2. I have used mine on serveral jobsites, and it outperforms better then all of my other machines. Plus you have alot more options. The generator in my opinion is better and stronger


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        Trailblazer all the way.