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  • dynasty 300 aluminum help

    I just got a dynasty 300 dx. I'm a farmer, not a welder, but can weld steel with most anybody (at least think). Anyhow, I'm trying to learn Al welding. I can tig steal pretty good. When I try Al, it dont work. Tried 3/32 pure Tw and 2% Thorium. 100% argon, Setup according to manual plus numerous adjustments on my own. I can get a puddle (turns silvery and shiny). When I try to add filler it usually wont stick, and just melts in a glob on top of base metal or I shake it of rod because its just a glob. Also my "puddle" between the seperate pieces wont flow together like steal does. It looks more like mercury, the puddle seperates and runs from one another. Iv'e ground electrode best I know, cleaned base with stainless brush, wiped everything down with rubbing alcohol, changed gas flow, but can't weld anything stronger than what I can break with my hands and a little muscle. Welding 6061 and 6065 or some Al with 5 in it (a pro welder gave it to me and said I could weld it) 1/8, 3/8, 1/4 inch nothing works. What am I doing wrong ?

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    JAS-B...............Do we know by chance what kind of aluminum were tig welding..........Also is there any chance it is anodized..... Rubbing alcohol may only remove surface contamination..... Try a stainnless steel brush and see where that gets you.......... Dave 9from Tig) may have some input also.......... He is getting reassigned on the Web site........... Let us know.........Rock...
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