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Wondering if I can get some help with something

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  • Wondering if I can get some help with something

    I am currently responsible for several robotic welding cells and I am having an issue with weld spatter I wonder if anybody has seen or knows of a suitable material for use as a physical spatter gaurd ? I need something that of course will hold up to heat but also remains flexible and is durable . The material I am using currently is a silicone based material and it simply melts over time due to the large amount of heat generated by the welding process I had thought about using braided tinned copper but I am hard pressed to find it bigger than 2 1/4 inches and I need 3 inch for my needs.

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    Could the splatter be caused by the type of gas you are using, wire, or something out of adjustment? Who sets up the robots, an experienced professional or someone who thinks he is?


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      Search for "copper braid pad". They are available in fairly large sizes.
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