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    Just a note of thanks to the great engineers, tech support folks, ROCK, Andy, and everybody at Miller Welding. I have been through several machines including Lincoln and Thermal Arc. I have also owned and fully utilized the Miller Bluestar 180 and the Bobcat 225. They are good machines. I've also used an older Big 40--AWESOME MACHINE (it's just too big for my mobile needs). I recently demoed a Lincoln Ranger 250 (just for curiosity) and purchased the TRAILBLAZER 301G with a 12RC wire feeder. I have never been happier. The machine has a fantastic arc on stick and mig. I am very impressed with the 12RC. It gets my vote for the best new product out there in wire feeders. I hope to try the tig option soon, but am still in love with my Maxstar 200DX. Thanks again for supplying great products and supporting them! My business is continuing to grow and I believe the great equipment I use is a big reason why. The jobs are quicker and go smoother than ever before. YES: operator skill and experience are very important, but the right equipment is a definite plus. Thank you Miller!

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    HAWK.............Hey enjoy........ Glad you like the equipment. all the folks at large industrial engine drive will be impressed..... I will copy ScottH on this and he can pass on the thank you......... Enjoy and have some fun now............
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